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Jesse Strauch is a former NBC reporter and freelance writer based in Rockland County, NY.  His best days are spent barefoot and typing away on his netbook.  Through his writing, he aims to nurture the do-it-yourself spirit of today’s budding storytellers while simultaneously inspiring kids everywhere to have fun and get a little messy in the process.

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Wobbly Top is the Hudson Valley's first independently owned digital publishing company for interactive children's E-books. Based in Rockland County, NY, we act as a creative hub for professional authors and highly trained illustrators to bring forth the best fiction and non-fiction E-books for children within the K-5 grade levels. We're crazy about making sure kids understand what they're reading while having a blast doing so. Our interactive Wobbly Top apps, available on  iPad and Android devices, offer three reading comprehension modes to create a multi-sensory reading experience suitable for every child. Likewise, printed editions are available through Amazon and Barnes&Noble, or join us at a reading and pick up a signed copy.


While we care a lot about presenting the highest quality of stories possible, we're driven by the ethos that learning to read doesn't have to be scary; but instead, can be a zany, imaginative and educational adventure. Because, let's face it, learning how to read can be a little wobbly for everyone.

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